Dexed is a multi platform, multi format plugin synth that is closely modeled on the Yamaha DX7. Minimal documentation is available on Dexed Wiki. Examples from One Synth Challenge :. Simply unzip the content of this zipfile to your Cartridges directory.

Dexed can be configured to use some of the original math limitation of a DX synthesizer. This does not only apply to the DAC, it also involves the bit resolution of the sine waves and the way that the amplitude is applied to each operator.

Since all of this is experimental, multiple engines will be available to be able to compare them easily. It is also possible to save a single program into a different sysex file. Double-clicking on a program will load the currently selected program in the plugin. Engine Type Dexed can be configured to use some of the original math limitation of a DX synthesizer. Dexed comes with 3 engine types : Modern : this is the original bit music-synthesizer-for-android implementation.

The target of this engine is to be closest to the real DX7. Keep in mind that the envelopes stills needs tuning.Surge is a virtual synthesizer released into open source by creator Claes Johanson in Septemberand maintained by a group of volunteers since then. This first section is intended to give you a brief overview of some concepts that are specific to this synthesizer and an introduction on how to navigate, manipulate, and use Surge to its full potential.

For detailed information regarding the synthesis engine and other advanced technical specifications and options of this synthesizer, there is a second section dedicated to Technical Reference.

The filenames for the VST2 is Surge. The VST3 version of the plug-in should be automatically installed in the default VST3 plug-in location and should be found by your host application. However, the VST2 version will not, so in that case, make sure you install Surge in a directory in which your host application will search for VST plug-ins. There is usually a directory named vstplugins created by the host application for this purpose.

To install, run the packaged installer. You will be given the option of automatically installing the AU Surge. The factory presets and wavetables will also be automatically installed. The system requirements can be hard to determine, as there are a lot of distributions out there and other factors.

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However, the following information might be good to know:. If you choose to build Surge from source, see the instructions on Github. A scene is similar to a traditional synthesizer patch as it stores all the information used to synthesize a voice.

See Hierarchy overview in the Technical Reference section for more information. The most common user-interface control in Surge is the slider. They come in both horizontal and vertical orientations but their functionality is otherwise identical.

Sliders are always dragged, there is no jump if you click on the slider tray instead of the slider head, it enters dragging mode nonetheless. Also, you can clear any or all modulation routings to a slider that is being modulated. Those that have a blue tint see Routing. The options Extend range or Temposync will show up on the context-menu if they do. Depending on the host, there may be more options regarding automation, MIDI, or parameter values.

On the bottom-right corner, there is a small menu button. Left-clicking on it will reveal some interesting options. Note: Some of these options are also present at the top of the user interface for easier access.

In its sub-menu there are various options to change the scale of the whole user-interface to a certain size. Keep in mind that it will not let you change it to any size, as there is an upper limit depending on your screen resolution. When a new instance of Surge is loaded, its zoom will be set to default size.

It can be enabled or disabled in its sub-menu, and the default pitch bend range can be changed here as well. This option allows you to change the sensitivity of the mouse when moving sliders. While Classic is used by default, the other 3 options range from Slow more granular to Exact as fast as the mouse pointer. This option restores the old LFO display behavior before it got vectorialized. Can be useful in some cases, like performance issues on certain machines. The Tuning menu option allows to import and Apply.

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Tuning settings are stored in the DAW state and optionally stored in a patch. See Microtonal Tuning in the Technical Reference section for more information. This opens the location where factory patches, wavetables and other configuration files are stored.

This option can be useful after importing patches created by someone else, after transferring user patches to another computer, or after downloading patches from the internet. Finally, there is an option to open the About pane containing various version and license information. There are two setups of all controls within the Scene section of the user interface.Eurorack was introduced by audio manufacturer Doepfer in Eurorack is the most popular format on ModularGrid. ModularGrid is a database for modular synthesizers with an integrated planner where people gather information and sketch out their modulars.

There are Eurorack modules to choose from. Users build Racks in this universe. Modules have to be rated at least 30 times to appear in this list. ModularGrid uses so-called cookies to ensure it's so-called functionality.

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We also use dubious tracking scripts like Google Analytics. Find out more in the Privacy Policy. We use cookies and wanna let you know. You have to enable Javascript to do any fancy stuff on this site! Keep me logged in! Forum latest Posts Power noise from Pittsburgh Modular c Thanks very much Lugia for your generous advice, it's much … Yesterday, by morphon in Racks Feeding the Monster: Learning Modular Visit the MG Forum.

News from the Labs. Modular News brought to you by the social channels. Discover Social Media Modular News. Show the Top evaluation lists. Current Live Setup RichardDevine. Smaller, Reasonable Eurorack jacefair Four Tet Live Martebar.

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Guitar Rack jacefair Power noise from Pittsburgh Modular c Thanks very much Lugia for your generous advice, it's much … Yesterday, by morphon in Racks. Feeding the Monster: Learning ModularThe company Voctro Labs,S. In six months of campaign, more than Voctro Labs developed a female Synthetic Voice Model and an on-line web service to convert the user lyrics into synthesized singing by the female virtual voice, retaining the singing expression and naturality of the band's real singer.

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Frenadol Catarrator is an innovative and funny way of marketing that has been used for a product called Frenadol by Johnson Johnson, a company operating in pharmaceutical sector. The user can record an up to 15 seconds voice message, justifying his absence or apologising for failing to meet a commitment.

Thanks to the app, the voice becomes congested by various cold symptoms cough, hoarseness, sneezing to make it sound realistic. The result is the perfect excuse to get rid of the most boring plans, even if the costumers are perfectly healthy after having used the product.

Voctro Labs integrates a Voice Transformation technology that allows manipulating the voice of the user to generate cold disease effects. The app was launched in and is still available for iOS and Android. DJ Voxchanger's preset effects and familiar faders instantly transform any vocalist into a Robot, Monster, Alien, alter the age or gender of any vocalist, add harmonizer and tuner effects or even change the overall pitch of the vocal performance. This remix can be recorded in the real-time and shared by email, iTunes, Soundcloud, or other apps on your device such as Dropbox.

Voctro Labs integrates proprietary Voice Transformation technology that allows transforming vocals in real-time and apply effects like gender change, pitch correction, harmonizer, robot, alien or monster. It is as simple as write a short text, pick a song from the library containing classic songs and current hits and Ditty sings your message for you.

The app reached more than 1 millions downloads during the first month and became a top trending app during its launch days. Voctro Labs integrates Singing Voice Synthesis technology and develops custom voices for this mobile app.

The app was launched in The company develops and provides a virtual reality environment where professionals practice and master the complex interpersonal skills necessary to be effective in high-stress professions. Used by a wide range of innovative organizations in healthcare, education, hospitality, finance, and other corporate sectors, Mursion delivers customized virtual reality simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges that professionals confront on the job every day.

Voctro Labs integrates voice transformation technology, where user voice is modified in real-time changing its timbre using a configurable preset. Take7 will record your performance through a computer microphone, analyse it and give you a score, suggest ways you can improve your playing, and guide you through exercises to help you accelerate your learning. You can select backing tracks to play along with and adjust the playback speed with the tempo slider to find a tempo that's comfortable for you without sacrificing audio quality.

The performance can be reviewed anytime and even shared with friends. Voctro Labs integrates audio transformation technologies that allow to control tempo of the songs, speeding up or slowing down the music without degrading the audio quality. It has been adapted to be cross-platform and is available on all major computers and devices. We want to help people communicate better so we have developed Voiceful, a toolkit that uses voice to create new ways of expressing yourself.

Try Voiceful and create new ways of expressing yourself. Voiceful is a toolkit built to design digital and mobile experiences with speech and singing voice. Our API allows to develop ideas and integrate them easily into your app, website, game, social network or products. You can use a Cloud API directly or integrate Voiceful natively in your mobile, desktop or server application.

Voiceful combines pre-defined features with a series of elements that can be configured for each project, like language, background music or specific technology adaptation.

We can also build ideas from scratch if we love them. Contact us. The content will be processed on our servers, no matter if uploaded by users or generated by Voiceful. It will be available on our storage until expiration date — but you can also extend Voiceful as a storage and distribution option with an extra fee.

Voiceful is created by Voctro Labs, a team of audio experts passionate about innovation.

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We have worked with creative companies, industrial businesses and start-ups to deliver innovation projects. Amongst all of us we have contributed to dozens of patents and research publications.

Tiny-TS: An Open-Source DIY Touch Synthesizer

If you are eager to work in a research-driven company passionate about voice and music and its creative applications check our current open positions and join us! Collaboration in projects with our team of researchers, software developers, musicians and sound engineers.Share Artlist with your friends and win a lifetime subscription! Each friend you refer gets 2 extra months for free. Owner 's shared collection. Artlist is implementing a new system to keep your videos secure. Submit your project links so we can prevent them from ever being flagged or claimed.

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By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Transactions are encrypted and secured. Please use only english characters. New email invalid. Please fill in an active address. Password should be at least 6 characters.A software synthesizer, better known as a soft synth, is a generally speaking a computer program, or plugin that generates digital audio, usually for music.

Computer software that can create sounds or music is not new. However, advances in processing speed are allowing soft synths to accomplish the same tasks that previously required dedicated hardware. Soft Synths are usually cheaper and more portable than dedicated hardware. In addition, they are easier to interface with other music software such as music sequencers. Software synthesizers usually have much more advanced algorithms than digital hardware synths.

The advantage to dedicated hardware is that it can be more stable. Additionally, it often has a user interface that is physical knobs and sliders and therefore easier to manipulate during performances.

Many soft synths use mathematical algorithms that directly emulate the electronic components and circuitry of the original hardware synthesizer. This produces an exceptionally authentic sound. Soft synths can cover a range of synthesis methods.

This includes subtractive synthesis and analog modeling, a subtypeFM synthesis including the similar phase distortion synthesisphysical modeling synthesis, additive synthesis including the related resynthesisand sample-based synthesis. Many popular hardware synthesizers are no longer in production. Nevertheless, they have been emulated in software.

The emulation can even extend to having graphics that model the exact placements of the original hardware controls. Some simulators can even import the original sound patches with accuracy that is nearly indistinguishable from the original synthesizer. Some soft synths are heavily sample-based, and frequently have more capability than hardware units, since computers have fewer restrictions on memory than dedicated hardware synthesizers.

A couple of these sample-based synthesizers come with sample libraries many gigabytes in size. Moreover, some are specifically designed to mimic real-world instruments such as pianos. Many sample libraries are available in a common format like.Lameer St.

It is based upon Flite : a small run-time speech synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition, Kevin is the voice behind the diphone voices kevin 8k, kevin 16kand Alan is the voice behind the speaking clock.

We welcome contributions to FreeTTS. If you have code or fixes you would like to submit, please contact the FreeTTS team at freetts-contacts sourceforge. The terms for contributing code are generous and are as follows:. These terms are for your and our protection and help ensure FreeTTS continues to be a viable and successful open source project.

Refer to acknowledgments to see the list of people and organizations we would like to thank for making this project possible.

Most of all, we thank our management for letting us do this, and Alan Black and Kevin Lenzo for doing Flite. Downloading and Installing FreeTTS has three packages available for download : bin : provides the jar files, documentation, and demos src : provides the sources, documentation, and demos tst : provides the JUnit and regression tests; requires the src package If you plan on just creating applications with FreeTTS, the bin package will be sufficient.

How to Make a Talking Synth Sound

If you plan on making modifications to FreeTTS itself, however, you should use the src package. The tst package will be useful if you wish to make sure any changes you made to FreeTTS did not introduce any bugs or regressions. Download and unpack the package s appropriate for what you want to do. Depending upon what you download, you will end up with all or part of the following directory structure:. As such, you need to place very little in your classpath when you run applications.

synthesizer io

The only things you need to do are the following: Place the lib directory anywhere you want. Note that the demonstration applications also use a jar Manifest that uses the "Class-Path" attribute.

The build places the jar files for FreeTTS in the lib directory, and the jar files for the demos in the bin directory. The jar manifests for the demos depend on the lib and bin directories being in the same top level directory. If you change this, the demos may not work properly.

Run any of the demos. We highly suggest that you use these as examples for how to create your own applications. Alternatively, you may also use our Maven distribution. Download from the FreeTTS download page. JSAPI 1. Apache Ant 1.


After you install ant, sure the "ant" command is in your path. Visit the Apache Ant site to get ant. JUnit Version 3. The output will be placed under the bld directory. We have also provided a number of ant targets for convenience: ant clean : deletes all the output from the build to give you a fresh start ant javadoc : builds the javadoc documentation and places the results in the javadoc directory ant junit : for testing only; runs the JUnit tests see Testing FreeTTS Testing FreeTTS FreeTTS includes a number of unit and regression tests.

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